The 5 Most Common Health Problems In Dogs


Dogs can be loyal companions that will grant you unqualified love, plenty of love, and tons of wet, sloppy puppy kisses. That, among tons of other reasons, is why you should always be kept abreast of your pet's health. The life of a dog is, in many ways, much more fragile than that of a human and they are not quite as resilient as humans are for this reason. Note any strange change in behavior that might occur to your dog. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn 5 of the most common health problems that befall dogs.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are probably the single most common type of health problem that befall dogs on a regular basis. If you notice your lovable pooch shaking his or her head and scratching at his or her ears with great frequency, this could be one of several problems. Mites, bacteria, allergies, deep ear hair growth and yeast infections all might be problems that serve as the impetus for your canine's ear infection. Other symptoms to look out for are ear odor, lack of balance and a crossing of the eyes.


Tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms are among the many internal parasites that commonly make their place of residence inside of dogs. Although they are common, some of these parasites can be fatal to your dog, especially during their younger years. It is particularly common for hookworms to cause deaths in many young pups. There are several symptoms you should be on the lookout for, including weight loss, diarrhea, a change in your dog's appetite and scooting on his or her bottom. If you suspect worms, it is best to take a trip to the vet.


Fleas have been the scourge of many a dog owner over the years that they have been domesticated. A solitary flea can easily turn into 1,000 over the course of just a few days, which is why they should be treated as soon as possible. Although it is easy for a dog to contract fleas, it is just easy to treat such a phenomenon. If you suspect that your dog is acting as a host for a flea colony, it is best to get them to a vet as soon as you can. A vet can properly diagnose the issue and prescribe a medicine that is beneficial for your pet.

Hot Spots

Hot spots are what are referred to as bare spots on your dog's skin, where the hair has disappeared and you will see an inflamed, red, and dry patch of skin that causes the dog to frequently itch at it. The fact of the matter is, hot spots also occur in humans. Hot spots are a form of dermatitis, and you should take your dog to the vet as soon as you see one of these spots, as they can usually identify the source of such spots (many times, it is fleas). They will also prescribe an antibacterial and perhaps an anti-inflammatory to help with your pooch's recovery.


Vomiting once in a while is not usually a huge problem for dogs, and they may just be suffering indigestion of a certain part of a certain food that they recently consumed. However, frequent or regular vomiting should not be tolerated as a mere occurrence, and you should treat the issue as a serious problem and take your dog to the vet. This can be a sign of everything from kidney failure to pancreatic cancer.

Although dogs can suffer from a long series of potential health problems, as long as you treat your pet with tender love and care and make sure he or she makes frequent visits to your vet's office, he or she will be sure to live a long and healthy life. If your dog ever falls ill, you can find an animal hospital by clicking here.


11 August 2015

Talking About Pet Vaccinations

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