3 Big Reasons Your Dog's Teeth Always Look Dirty


Your playful pooch has a happy grin, but sometimes, those teeth in its mouth are anything but attractive to look at. The truth is, dogs can have problems with tartar and plaque buildup just the same as humans, but if you are like most pet owners, brushing is not something you ever really think to do. Brushing a dog's teeth can be a lot of trouble and a major stress-inducing activity for your usually happy pooch. So instead, it is a good idea to understand what causes your dog to have dirty teeth and try to avoid the problem. Check out these simple reasons why your dog's teeth may always appear dirty. 

Your dog is eating the wrong kind of foods. 

Most dogs are not picky eaters. They will gobble up everything from dog food to whatever you have on your plate. However, feeding your dog foods that are not really good for them can also cause yellowed and dirty teeth. Stick to feeding them a good diet of healthy dog food. Crunchy foods help to scrape away yellowed stains and buildup; while chewy foods can sometimes contribute to the problem. Therefore, it is a good idea to try to get your dog to eat a mix of both wet or chewy food and dry food. 

Your dog doesn't get enough to chew on. 

Wild dogs keep their teeth cleaned by chewing and the common house dog you keep as a pet is really no different. They usually do love to chew, but you have to make sure you give them things that are good to chew on, such as rawhide chewing bones or other toys that can naturally slough away dirt and tartar on the teeth while your pooch chews and gnaws. Some puppy parents scold their pups too much when they are young and the adult dog will refuse to chew on anything. If this is your situation, try to encourage your pooch to chew on treats and dog biscuits that they understand are okay to chew on. 

Your dog is suffering from dental decay. 

If you have only recently started paying attention to your dog's teeth, there is a chance that the yellow buildup and dirt you are seeing is the formation of tooth decay. If this is the case, it is a good idea to take your dog to the veterinarian for an assessment of the condition. Dogs can have teeth that need to be pulled or treated just the same as humans so they do not have pain or problems eating. 


16 March 2017

Talking About Pet Vaccinations

Hello, my name is Marissa. Welcome to my site about veterinarians. I decided to buy myself a puppy for the holidays. I searched my community for a breeder and picked up my puppy right away. Unfortunately, within a day, I noticed my puppy was not feeling well. The poor animal picked up a virus on the way home due to the lack of proper vaccinations. The vet was able to save my puppy and give her all the correct vaccinations. I will use this site to explore viruses and other conditions that vets prevent through precisely timed vaccination schedules. Thanks.