3 Things The Vet Can Do For Your Cat During A Check Up


Owning a cat is a big responsibility, but it is also very rewarding. Cats are very loving and they can bring you a lot of happiness. If you take good care of them, they will be healthy and will make a great companion for you. One aspect of caring for your cat is to take them into the vet regularly. This article will discuss 3 things the vet can do for your cat during a check up. 

Full Body Physical

When your cat goes into the vet for their check up, the vet will give them a full body physical. The vet will initially do a visual check to make sure that your cat looks healthy. From there, the vet will then check the joints, feel for any lumps, look into your cat's eyes, nose, ears, throat, etc., check their paws and claws, and otherwise ensure that your cat is healthy and happy. Some cats find this physical to be a bit too much for them, and they become scared. If this is the case, you have the option of holding your cat to keep them calm, and you can even muzzle them if they are trying to bit you or the veterinarian. 

Clean Teeth

Another important task that your cat's vet can take on, is cleaning his or her teeth. Just as humans get dirty teeth overtime, the same can be said of most animals. Animals are also prone to catching a lot of the same diseases of the mouth that people catch, such as periodontal disease. Your dentist can teach you a great deal about how to brush your cats teeth, and they can also give you feedback on how you are currently doing. They will inspect your cat's mouth to see if there is any cause for concern, and will likely check for mouth cancer as well. 

Shots And Deworming

Young children, teenagers, and even adults, need to get a variety of shots in order to be protected from different diseases and sicknesses. The same is true for cats. Your cats will need to receive several shots when they go in for check ups when they are younger, and then when they are a bit older, the need a few shots each year. A dewormer will also likely be administered during most checkups to held avoid the risk of your cat getting worms that can potentially kill them. 

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20 June 2017

Talking About Pet Vaccinations

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