Getting Older: How You Can Help Your Dog Age Gracefully


Your pet dog is a member of your family, and you have probably gotten used to the youthful energy they bring to your life. However, the days turn into years, and age creeps up on your dog almost imperceptibly. As you notice your dog moving more slowly and resting more often, it's time to learn what you can do to help your dog live comfortably through the golden and twilight years of life. 

See Your Vet More Often

As dogs age, they become more likely to develop health problems. Early intervention can make these problems less painful and less costly. A young, healthy dog does not need a full physical very often. Your senior dog, however, should be checked on a regular basis to rule out kidney or heart trouble, cancer, joint problems, and loss of senses (especially hearing and sight).

Change Food

Obesity is a common problem as dogs get older. Their owners feed them the same food in the same portions as always, but a dog's metabolism slows with age, and your dog is likely less active than they were when they were a few years younger. To help your dog stay satisfied, choose food specially designed for seniors. These foods are lower in calories than formulas designed for active puppies and adults. High quality food will help stave off energy loss and health problems. 

Exercise With Care

Senior dogs still need exercise. You might not have needed to walk your dog when they were younger if you had a large backyard and plenty of kids to play with. However, senior dogs may be more inclined to rest instead of run around in the yard. You'll need to be proactive about making sure your dog stays active each day. Not only does exercise help stave off obesity, but it helps to relieve joint pain and prevent muscle and joint problems from developing. Be prepared to take it slow, and always follow the direction of your vet when starting any exercise routine with your dog. 

Make Things Easier

As your dog ages, simple things may become more difficult. For example, your dog might find it challenging to leap gracefully onto the couch to sit next to you while you read. Provide a stool for a step so you can still enjoy this tradition. You might need to put a ramp if your dog can no longer go up or down stairs, or move everything to one level so your dog doesn't have to worry about it (some dogs might have slept upstairs in a bedroom or in the basement). 

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14 November 2017

Talking About Pet Vaccinations

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