Three Reasons That Your Dog Could Be Coughing Up Blood


Dogs can cough for several reasons, and some coughing bouts can cause your pet to spit up some saliva on the floor. If your dog is coughing repeatedly, it's important for you to look for any signs that something is wrong. Sometimes, dogs will cough up blood. In these instances, you can see specks of blood in the saliva. You should consider it an emergency situation if your dog is coughing up blood, and take the pet to a local emergency animal hospital right away. Here are some reasons that the animal could be coughing up blood.

Esophagus Injury

An injury to your dog's esophagus, which is the tube that connects the mouth and stomach, may cause bleeding. As your dog coughs, blood from the wound can travel into the animal's mouth and combine with its saliva. Dogs can suffer esophagus injuries for various reasons, including swallowing sharp objects on purpose or by accident. For example, if your pet has been chewing a stick, a sharp piece of the wood could have broken off and caused trauma to the esophagus as your pet swallowed it.

Dental Problems

There's a chance that your dog could be coughing up blood because of various dental problems. Many different dental problems can cause various degrees of bleeding in the mouth. If your dog is swallowing blood as a result of one of these issues, it may begin to cough — causing a blend of blood and saliva to appear. Some dogs lose their teeth as they age, and if a tooth has just come out, the gap that is left behind could be bleeding and infected. A veterinarian can assess the reason for the bleeding in your pet's mouth and treat the issue in one or more ways.

Lung Infection

Dogs can suffer lung infections, just like humans, and a common symptom of this respiratory condition is frequent coughing. When a dog is coughing chronically as a result of its lung infection, the lungs can become so inflamed that they bleed slightly. The coughing will carry the blood into the mouth where it will mix with the pet's saliva and then be evident as it coughs. There are various other symptoms that can indicate a lung infection in your dog, but you may fail to notice them. Coughing up blood can be difficult to miss, however, and should encourage you to seek emergency veterinary care for the animal.

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26 April 2023

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