3 Tips For Giving A Cat A Pill Without Getting Scratched


You love your cat and want to be certain that it gets what it needs to stay healthy. But giving a cat a pill can be a tricky proposition, even for the most dedicated of cat owners. Many cats are finicky at the best of times, and they're liable to turn up their noses at any pill offered to them by hand. And if you drop it into their regular food dish, they're probably going to just eat around it.

11 December 2015

The 5 Most Common Health Problems In Dogs


Dogs can be loyal companions that will grant you unqualified love, plenty of love, and tons of wet, sloppy puppy kisses. That, among tons of other reasons, is why you should always be kept abreast of your pet's health. The life of a dog is, in many ways, much more fragile than that of a human and they are not quite as resilient as humans are for this reason. Note any strange change in behavior that might occur to your dog.

11 August 2015

Caring For And Coping With Geriatric Cat Blindness


Cats, like humans, sometimes experience vision degradation as they grow older. In some cases, a cat may even go blind later on in life, due to disease or other problems. While rare, sometimes older kitties will go blind relatively rapidly, going from normal sight to completely blind in a matter of days. If your cat doesn't seem to be able to see, here's what you need to know to help them.

30 July 2015

Canine Concerns: 3 Of Your Bad Habits That Could Be Jeopardizing Your Dog's Health


Of course you love your dog and would never jeopardize his health intentionally. However, you may have some habits that do put his health in danger whether you realize it or not. Once you know the basics of keeping your dog healthy, it is important to avoid the following bad habits that can get in the way of your dog living a long, healthy, happy life. 1. Cuddling with Your Dog when You Have Certain Illnesses

23 June 2015